Do rich men bait women?

I have seem to have attracted a lot of ruch guys here at London escorts. There is nothing wrong with that, but I do feel that rich gus behave in a certain way. In many ways they are a little bit like Donald Trump and seem to bait women if you know what I mean. In other words they lay out traps for women which are full of fine gifts instead of poisons, and hope that we fall for them. I am sure that some women do, but I do try to be careful.

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Many of the rich guys that I date at London escorts, like to tell me about all of the trappings of success. It feels very much like they are tryin g to bait me. At first I thought that they were just bragging, but now I realise that it is has very little to do with bragging. It has much more to do with trying to see if you will latch onto something and spend some time with them. Of course, after that I am pretty sure that they would call you a gold digger.

A couple of the girls that I work with here at London escorts have moved in with guys like the ones that I date at London escorts. They have given up their flats and jobs for them, but when it has finally come down to it, they gents have not wanted them at all. It is a little bit like the excitement is in the chase. Once the girl has given up everything for them, they just move on with their lives because they don’t have anything to chase after anymore.

You can easily pick up on the tail tell signs. A guy will pick you up in a chaffeur driven car and tell you that all of this will be yours when you move in with them. It is a little bit like tempting a cat with a bowl of cream. Once the cat is in through the door, you simply pull the bowl of cream away. This is what I feel that many of these gents do with my London escorts colleagues. It is okay if you want that kind of lifestyle, but it feels a bit boom and bust to me, so I am not sure that is for me at all.

Sure, I like dating these guys, but only on my own terms. They can bait me all they like, but I am not going to give up London escorts or my flat. Besides, the flat is my own. Most of the girls who fall for these guys seem to rent somewhere in London. They see that lovely big home, and they go nuts. Most of them think that the guy is going to marry them, so that they can live in that house forever. That seldom happens, and they don’t realise that the lovely house was just another bait for them to give up a couple of their months of their lives with one of these guys.

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