Everything an escort should be!

Dating escorts for me is a real pleasure and I have to admit that I have dated escorts around the world. Recently I settled back in my native http://charlotteaction.org/richmond-escorts Richmond in London and I am pleased that I am back here. It is nice place to live and I think that Richmond is a little bit different from the rest of London. We still have the river and I love spending time down by the river. To be honest I did not realize how much I had missed the river Thames until I came back to Richmond.


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Has Richmond change? Richmond has certainly changed. It is now a lot more cosmopolitan but we have still got the Deer park which is great. I was however surprised to discover that Richmond has its own escorts service. When I left Richmond there was never any talk of Richmond escorts and now we have our own agency. The girls who work for the agency are great and they are everything that escorts should be in my opinion. I love them and I try to see them as much as I can.


At my stage of life I have no intention of getting married. Richmond escorts really do it for me and I love the fact that they do outcalls. A lot of agencies now don’t do outcalls anymore so it was a refreshing change to find some excellent outcall escorts right here in Richmond. Of course, sometimes it is nice to visit a girl but overall I prefer meeting up with my hot girls back at my place. It means that I can chill out afterwards with a nice glass of Chardonnay and I think that I deserve that after all of that effort.


Are Richmond escorts sexy? The girls are sexy alright and they are nice as well. I like escorts who are something between sexy and sophisticated and I think that the girls here in Richmond can pull that one of in a great way. Not all escorts can handle being both sophisticated and sexy at the same time. I think that a hot escort should be at home behind closed doors and in a restaurant setting as well. The girls in Richmond can certainly handle both and I invite many of them to my business functions.


Some of my new colleagues here in Richmond were a bit surprised when I invited Richmond escorts to my business functions. The thing is that I have spent many years in the Far East and it is common to invite escorts to business functions. I love the fact that you can enjoy yourself and do business at the same time. Many of my new colleagues here in the UK have started to appreciate that as well and I am sure that it will continue to be an eye opener for others. To me, I like fine female company and I certainly get that with my girls right here in Richmond. I am sure that many more gents would enjoy the company of my fine girls.

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