How I Seduce Men with My Lips

I am a complete flirt and I know that. To be fair, I have always enjoyed seducing men and I use all of my assets to do so. There is nothing like a wink or a little pout to get a guy going. In general, I think that guys prefer a little pout, many of them find that dead sexy. The other day when I had finished my shift at cheap London escorts, I popped into a London department store. This sexy older guy stepped into the lift, and I gave him a little pout. It made him smile from ear to ear, and I knew that he thought that I was sexy.

The thing is that guys start to think about all sort of things when you pout out them. When I am on a dinner date for London escorts, I often sit there and pout a little bit. I can tell that the guys starts to think about me giving him a blow job. That is okay. The other thing that a lot of my date at London escorts find really sexy, is me licking my lips. I have a rather generous mouth and I like to lick my lips. It just gives them a quick shine and yet again, I can see the guys looking. No problem at all.

Many men like you putting on lipstick as well. I often stop in the street and put my lipstick on. So many guys look at me. Of course, they don’t know that I am doing it intentionally. It looks sexy and I find that it works really well at London escorts as well. I often pretend that I am running a little bit behind at London escorts, and put my lipstick on when my next date comes through the door. If you like, it is a bit of sexier introduction then just hello.

Do women flirt enough? I think that a lot of women have gotten out of the habit of flirting. It is like they see this as a degrading thing. Now, I don’t think that way about it at all. I think that we should flirt more often and I flirt with all of my great cheap London escorts website dates. Not only do I flirt with them, but I flirt with guys that I meet outside of London escorts. Sometimes, it is just a smile and a hand through the hair, but I do other things. Leaning forward so a guy can see your cleavage and pretending to zip your boots up, really can rock someone’s boat. I love that and I find it dead sexy.

In general I think that most men are rather good flirts. The guys that I date at cheap London escorts certainly are good at it, but others are less so. It has surprised me, but a lot of guys do actually blush when you flirt with them. It makes me smile and I think that sort of disarms the situation a little bit. Yes, we should flirt more. You can get a real kick out of it personally and at the same time, I think that you can make somebody’s day when you do it right.

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