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The Woman In Charge

She is the kind of woman that turns heads wherever she goes. Always being at the center of attention is nothing new for a woman like this, as a matter of fact it has been that way since childhood. Every man in the room wants to be with her. They start undressing her in their minds from the get go. Most guys can only dream about being with someone this exquisite, this special. Yes, there are plenty of other beautiful women at this event, but none of them can hold a candle to her. It is not about her sheer beauty or the quite confidence that goes along with it.

There is something far deeper. She is a dominant woman both in the boardroom and in the bedroom, always in control of the situation no matter who is sitting across the negotiation table or lying in her bed. She greatly enjoys the control she has over powerful men. It is a skill that has proved extremely useful over the years. An MBA from Harvard is not the only reason she rose to the top of the corporate world so quickly. Sleeping with men may very well be her hobby, but breaking them in half is her passion. She certainly has the confidence to crush them between her pretty, well-manicured fingers, just like a tiny, little, helpless bug.

There is not a person in the world that dares to think of her as a slut, let along call her one out loud. Other women like to think of her as a great conqueror from ancient times. They are not jealous of her beauty or position, just the opposite. They simply look up to her and wish they could be her friend. Of course a woman like this does not have many friends of the same sex. She feels that girls are far too petty and annoying to waste her time on. It is men that she craves. She loves to feel their power drain as they press up against her body. Even a slight touch from her stirs up an emotion that most men have never experienced before. The harder they get the more their minds wither like a flower out of water. The only questions that remains is who will be her victim this evening. Which one of the men in the room will she prey on? Who will she conquer tonight?

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